Camp Amped



Claire Campbell

JoJo Glidewell

Emily Hansford

William Kissane



What is Nuci's Space Camp Amped? 

Camp Amped is a summer music program produced by Nuçi’s Space in Athens, Georgia, for musicians ages 11-17. The camp allows attendees to hone their music skills while emphasizing the importance of positive mental health and self-esteem within the artistic community. At the end of each session, the camp holds a “grand finale,” wherein all of the bands perform and showcase what they’ve learned. Camp Amped is the youth outreach program of the local Athens nonprofit Nuçi’s Space, founded in memorial of Nuçi Phillips, a 22-year-old UGA student and gifted musician who committed suicide in 1996. The mission of the organization is to prevent suicide by providing obstacle-free mental health treatment to uninsured musicians and to assist in the emotional, physical, and professional well-being of musicians. To accomplish this mission, Nuçi’s Space actively participates in treatment, educates to destigmatize mental illness, and advocates for sufferers. Through Camp Amped, Nuçi’s Space creates a safe, positive environment for young musicians and fosters open dialogue about the problems facing young musicians today.


Student Preparation Team: Kelsey Butterworth and Matt Tompkins