Welcome to TEDxUGA 2023: Roots

TEDxUGA 2023 will go live on Friday, March 31st at 7:00 pm EST. This is the University of Georgia’s 10th annual TEDxUGA. At UGA, we plant seeds of research and scholarship every day. And now at TEDxUGA 2023, we will explore how these seeds have taken root and flourished into ideas with the power to change the world. We are excited to share this evening with you!  Leading up to the event, we will be testing our livestream intermittently. If you tune in early, you may see behind-the-scenes footage of our TEDxUGA team getting ready for the big event!

Questions? Please contact us at tedreg@uga.edu or 706-521-3572. You can also DM us via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram